Single Approval According to §13 EG-FGV

In contrast to a used vehicle that has already been registered and is brought into circulation in Germany in accordance with §21, with an individual registration we are addressing vehicles that are to be brought into circulation for the first time in Germany/Europe and have not yet been able to prove that they have passed the necessary tests.

Due to the tightening of registration regulations in Germany and Europe and the resulting drastic decline in the share of imports, small niche manufacturers are increasingly asking for alternatives.

For some time now, we have been offering these alternatives to all manufacturers, from one-offs to small series, throughout Europe and even worldwide.

The advantages of an single approval compared to the CoC paper are mainly the significantly lower costs, less administrative effort for the applicant, but also the speed of the procedure and the possibility to apply certain alternative requirements!

Contrary to the assumption based on the name ” single approval”, however, several identically constructed vehicles can also be put into circulation in smaller numbers and this German approval can also be transferred to the European countries, which makes the costs incurred much more manageable.

In principle, however, this means that the vehicles must be built according to the currently valid guidelines and also tested according to these guidelines.

We are happy to put our “registration” experience of meanwhile 47 years coupled with the know-how of our connected specialists and the corresponding TÜV engineers at your disposal.