On 7.7.77 the time had come. We, Rita & Gunther Schleyer, took delivery of our first new Caterham S3 LHD with Twin Cam engine in Caterham on the Hill, Surrey, England, after a delivery period of about 6 months.

At that time, the car cost 3,802.95 English Pounds including extra equipment plus the import tax at that time. However, the English pound was still worth 3.90 German marks!

We still have great memories of that collection as if it was only a few months ago. After a serious defect in the transmission and the complete reversal of customs formalities in the port of Dover, we were brought back to the factory with the AAA on piggyback. After a lengthy discussion at the factory, another gearbox was fitted after all.

On the second try, we both arrived in Kempten without any problems.

The TÜV inspection was also a big challenge at that time and took a total of 9 months. In the meantime, however, we have a little more experience with it…

We often ask ourselves where the last 44 years have gone, but on the other hand we can look back on so many great experiences, everything we were allowed to experience with our Brits during this time! We could write books here!

All in all, we wouldn’t want to miss a single day of this great time with well over 350 different English registered vehicles in Germany. We also hope to be able to continue our hobby for many years to come, even though we are already officially retired!